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As Disciples, we desire to live and look like Jesus which means we are followers that are always learning.

Bread is a band of writers and thinkers who seek to build community with other thoughtful Christians. We’re passionate about God and hungry for his word.

We want to live authentic Christian lives and seek to do this by talking openly and plainly about our lives and faith. Through this, we hope to display God’s goodness and encourage one another. 

Life is a rich adventure, nuanced and complex. As such, we avoid binary thinking and aim to navigate complex matters by unpacking it. We like to go deep and tackle scriptures to sharpen our thinking. By doing this, we hope to steer each other closer to gospel truths and strengthen one another’s faith.

As millennials, we have a fresh perspective on the Christian walk and how it intersects with the cultural climate. We draw insights and hope to speak in fresh and relevant ways. We like to ask questions, challenge worldviews as well as traditional religious ones.

Ultimately we believe the whole of the Bible points to God’s perfect plan of redemption. Through Jesus’s finished work on the cross, we can boast that it’s his compelling, satisfying and sufficient grace that gives us life and transforms us. Therefore we talk a lot about Jesus in our articles.

Bread is based in London, UK. 


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